Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mutiny on Soul Mate

Well, I guess my crew, Seaman FuzzyFace, decided that it was just too boring to remain on, Soul Mate. He jumped ship yesterday, via a leap from the V-berth, through the forward hatch. That hatch had been closed and filled from the inside with a custom fitted slab of R-8 insulation all summer. Since we were enjoying our first "nice" day of Fall, with temp's finally under 90 degrees, now a sudden drop to the high 60's, I removed the insulation and opened the hatch about 4 inches before leaving for Home Depot to buy materials to fit the new sliding screen/shade fixture to be installed inside the hatch. Needless to say I didn't discover until several hours later, he was gone. Of course, I ended up walking the docks shaking a bottle of "Cat Candy" for several hours, to no avail. And, I sat up till 3 AM, in the cockpit, periodically shaking the "Cat Candy." I finally hit the rack at three, leaving the forward and companionway hatches open. This morning, no FuzzyFace. I hope he leaped to the finger dock on his way to a great adventure, and did not decide to plunge off the deck and catch one of the big fish that lurk in the 15 foot water about the boat. Gee, I miss the silly cat.

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