Sunday, September 20, 2009

Project One

Project One - Adding a shelf to hold gallon jugs in the unused space behind the hull side back wall of the Head.
Actually this project was born amidst my very first task, Project Unnumbered (AND HENCEFORTH UNMENTIONED): Replacing all the Head hoses.

When I had to access the pump out hose, behind a wall topped with a single shelf, I discovered that most valuable of all things aboard any ship, EMPTY SPACE!
When I removed the top shelf to access the white pump-out hose, the empty space was unexpected.
The first rush of thought following the discovery of SPACE took me from bubbles to balloons, visions of drawers with brass fittings and warm wood, polished beauty dancing in my head like a child's dream of toys and candy. But, after staring at the job while drinking two (not just one) cups of black coffee, the balloon burst, and I realized I could, in the real world, do a cabinet style shelf to get the gallon size bottles of bleach and other necessary evils out from underfoot.
The steps for Project Head Start were something like this:
Step One - Remove the Screws holding the wall in place.
CORRECTION....... Find the wood plugs covering the screws and drill them out.
1-A. Remove the screws, all driven in on impossible angles. Place blood covered screws in a plastic container until cleaned and taped to the bulkhead.
Step Two - Add a First Aid Kit to the Pending Projects List, after locating Peroxide and a band aid.
Step Three - Replace the pump out hose with new Blue Line Sanitary'

Step Four - Install a frame for the new shelf.

Step Five - Make a shelf pattern using cardboard. . .

Then cut and paint the shelf and install with a dollop of wood glue on the frame and two screws.

Step Six - Draw openings on the back of the bulkhead, drill the corners, cut out the openings with a jig saw.
Step Seven - Reinstall the wall using the newly cleaned screws.

Note The Reading Rack - Comforts Of Home

Doors sitting on toilet and trim not on yet. Waiting to install trim work and insert new wood plugs over the screws when all the projects are ready. It seems reasonable to buy and finish all the trim at one shot so all the projects will match (sure they will).

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